There's Always Vodka

Unless I drank it all. In that case, we'll need some more.

Hello world!

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It took me a long time to write this first post. Mostly because I was happy sitting on the couch watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my boyfriend and his son. The choice of shows was mine, not theirs. I’m the sci-fi geek; they’re the gaming geeks. They’re still trying to get used to me. Sometimes I feel sorry for them.
I decided to start this blog as a self healing tool. I’ve had a tough few years, financially and emotionally, and as a result of my inner turmoil I haven’t written a word in years. At least not anything that I am proud of.
So hear is to getting back to normal, and if that fails, there’s always vodka.

Author: Dolores

I'm a ninja - one that bumps into things, and curses loudly.

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