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Sometimes I hate Facebook

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I had to post this on Facebook today, because of the ignorance and intolerance my “friends” were displaying.

An open letter to my Facebook friends

Due to the amount of hate speeches I am seeing this morning on my news feed, I will be unfriending some people. This is not a reflection on how I feel about you. I am simply dissociating myself from negativity. Calm, wise debates can change people’s minds; hate speeches, name calling, and slander only succeed in further dividing us as a nation.

Anybody who knows me – in life, not online – knows that I value free speech and I welcome intelligent discussions on a number of issues. Sadly, this morning it has become clear that emotions and not logic are in control of these “discussions”.

If you are not happy with the results of this election, remember that we are not a two-party system, and you have more choices than you may be aware of. There were six candidates in this election. There were 13 in 2008. You had choices, and you will have choices in 2016.

My challenge to you for the next four years is to do your research. Educate yourselves on what this nation needs to do to recover, survive, and thrive. Align yourselves with the candidate that best reflects your beliefs, instead of who mainstream media will try to push at you. You have the power to make a change. Next time make your vote count.

Here’s some cute to cleanse your palates.

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