There's Always Vodka

Unless I drank it all. In that case, we'll need some more.

Boring post about my feelings and shit.


I’m having another one of those frustrating days where I feel like nothing is going to work out, and I’m going to be struggling for the rest of my life.

I know it’s just a bad day, and everyone has bad days, and the world is not out to get me; I just feel like throwing myself a pity party today. Unfortunately, I have no chocolate ice cream – which is essential when throwing a pity party.

I do however, have booze. I might try that. Although, I don’t think that would cheer me up. It will of course help me to come up with the answer of how to bring about world peace. I’ll have to remember to write it down this time. I’m tired of people asking me how to do that. Seriously, People, I can’t be the only person coming up with the answers. Sheesh!

I could keep rambling for a while, but it will cut into my drinking time, and I can’t allow that.

Instead, I’m just going to leave this photograph I took recently of the most evil creature I have ever met in my life – just for giggles. My parents call her Baby; I call her Satan.

No, she’s not missing an ear. This is just her version of the “stink eye”. Bitch.

Author: Dolores

I'm a ninja - one that bumps into things, and curses loudly.

2 thoughts on “Boring post about my feelings and shit.

  1. I have to agree with you. That bunny does look like a bitch…

    I’m also glad that I’m not the only one finding solutions to the world’s problems at the bottom of a fifth of vodka. I wrote it down once, but it was illegible.
    So I hired a chimp to dictate for me, but all that was written on the paper was: “Four score and seven shots ago, our four fathers came together… wait, what? That’s disgusting! I think I should also maybe call Maury! Ohmygod I’m so confused now, monkey! What do I do? (stick figure shooting himself in the head) followed by incoherent rambling.
    Next time I won’t challenge the monkey to a drinking game. That was probably bad idea #3…

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