There's Always Vodka

Unless I drank it all. In that case, we'll need some more.

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Employed AGAIN!!!

I got a job, Y’all!

I can’t tell you about it, because I signed a confidentiality agreement (I’m really special and important), but still…a job! I can pay my bills again!

So after nine months I can finally stop complaining about not having a job, and start complaining about how much I hate my job…YAY!!

Thank you to all of you who have sent me messages in the past few months. I greatly appreciated your support. Your letters brought tears to eyes because of your kind words, but most importantly they brought me hope. You kept me sane. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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There’s a new pope, and he speaks Spanish.

So…there’s a new pope. Living in Miami I’ve heard a lot from the Hispanic community about the first South American pope, and I’m wondering why. When I first heard there was a new pope, and that he was from South America, I called my mother to get her thoughts on the subject ( She’s Colombian – and very proud of that ). As soon as I said “Hi”, she screamed into the phone that we had a new pope, and that it was a great day for South Americans. Okay…sure. I can understand there being a feeling of national pride for Argentinians, but should there be? The papacy is not an international competition. The pope belongs to the entire Catholic community, and not just one nation.

I think it’s a shame that ignorance and bigotry is so prevalent in our society that we can get so excited about the new pope being “one of us”. It shouldn’t matter what race or nationality he is. The only concern should be, “Can he do the job?”. We are all equal, are we not? There should be no feelings of superiority because Pope Francis is “ours”. It should not even be an issue. Do Hispanics now have a direct line to God? Uhm…no. Are they now God’s chosen people? No, again. Aren’t we ALL His children? Or is it just nice to have a pope who can speak Spanish without the help of a translator? Maybe.

There should be a sense of community among the world’s Catholics, and there very well may be, I’m just not getting that feeling.  I’ve tried getting the answer from my mother on why it’s so exciting, but she doesn’t understand my question. I’m just too American to understand the Latin culture, she says.

I will continue to talk to people around town, and get different views. I’ll update this post if I ever get the answer, but somehow I don’t think I’ll get it. I’m just too American to understand.

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Golden Lush Awards

This past Sunday were the Golden Globes. My boyfriend and I try to watch all the movies nominated so that we can have informed opinions about all the nominees and the  subsequent winners. Honestly, we just like watching movies.

Anyway, when awards season comes around we always go through our ritual, and then party like we are actually there. This year I partied a little too hard. So the lessons I learned from this Sunday I will be applying on Oscar night.

They are as follows:

A) Do not try to keep up with BF – he is twice my size, therefore he can drink more.

B) Remember to pace myself. It’s not a race.

C) I do not need to take a drink every time someone says “surreal” during the red carpet pre-show. THEY ALL SAY “SURREAL”!

D) Drink lots of water!

I would like to wish myself good luck, because I will probably not remember any of these. See you after the Oscars!

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We could all use some “Me time”

Sunday was a lovely day at the beach. It made me feel great! I don’t know if it was the soothing sounds of the waves, all the vitamin D I was soaking up, or just being with good company. Whatever it was, it was worth the $8.00 parking fee.

When I first arrived, I went through my petty routine of taking pictures and instagramming or facebooking them so people could see I was at the beach in late October, and be insanely jealous of my life. It’s stupid, and I do it every time.

When I finally decided to put the phone down, the effects of unplugging were almost immediate. The tension left my body. I was able to relax, and enjoy the moment.

In the past, I often unplugged for days at a time. Just to give myself some space, and concentrate on me. I get overwhelmed by social media.

I’ve decided to unplug more often. Even if it’s just one day a month, I’ll take that one day and concentrate on me and the ones I love, instead of the latest gossip on the interwebs.

Until that day, here is a picture of my fabulous day at the beach. Are you jealous?

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Don’t Blink!

I am a huge Dr. Who fan. HUGE. So, when I find something  incredibly awesome, I have to share it with EVERYONE. I recently found the best Dr. Who costume ever created. While I have never felt the need to participate in cosplay, I certainly appreciate the time, imagination, and effort involved in creating these amazing costumes. Click here to see the best homemade Weeping Angel costume I have ever seen.

If you have never watch Dr. Who, and have no idea what I am talking about, I feel sorry for you. You have no idea what you are missing. Go rent every episode of Dr. Who and join the awesome community of Whovians. We welcome you with open arms!