There's Always Vodka

Unless I drank it all. In that case, we'll need some more.

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Employed AGAIN!!!

I got a job, Y’all!

I can’t tell you about it, because I signed a confidentiality agreement (I’m really special and important), but still…a job! I can pay my bills again!

So after nine months I can finally stop complaining about not having a job, and start complaining about how much I hate my job…YAY!!

Thank you to all of you who have sent me messages in the past few months. I greatly appreciated your support. Your letters brought tears to eyes because of your kind words, but most importantly they brought me hope. You kept me sane. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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We could all use some “Me time”

Sunday was a lovely day at the beach. It made me feel great! I don’t know if it was the soothing sounds of the waves, all the vitamin D I was soaking up, or just being with good company. Whatever it was, it was worth the $8.00 parking fee.

When I first arrived, I went through my petty routine of taking pictures and instagramming or facebooking them so people could see I was at the beach in late October, and be insanely jealous of my life. It’s stupid, and I do it every time.

When I finally decided to put the phone down, the effects of unplugging were almost immediate. The tension left my body. I was able to relax, and enjoy the moment.

In the past, I often unplugged for days at a time. Just to give myself some space, and concentrate on me. I get overwhelmed by social media.

I’ve decided to unplug more often. Even if it’s just one day a month, I’ll take that one day and concentrate on me and the ones I love, instead of the latest gossip on the interwebs.

Until that day, here is a picture of my fabulous day at the beach. Are you jealous?